• "Noisehive provides an awesome service for artists and labels. They're trustworthy and hands on. It's nice to know an actual person is handling your releases and that at any time you can chat with them about the ins and outs of it all. That's a great resource for an independent artist! They help make the process of getting your music onto digital platforms really easy. Noisehive is a great opportunity for independent artists."

    Kids at Midnight (Noisehive Ambassador)

    Member since Feb 2015

  • “For independent artists like me, Noisehive is the best way to get your musical art online! They're very easy to deal with, contact and are always happy to help out. They do the hard work to get your music onto leading online stores which is what you want if you're looking to add more professionalism.”


    Member since Jan 2015

  • "Noisehive has been such a breeze for a solo, independent artist like myself with getting my music onto platforms like Spotify and iTunes! I'm so thankful that I've had the chance to work the Noisehive team who has been nothing but helpful, supportive and super friendly."

    Emily Rice

    Member since Jan 2015

  • "Noisehive have offered us an amazing service, been patient, open and supportive, making sure they've got every angle covered for us. We happily endorse the work of Noisehive and recommend their services to other bands wanting an easy fix for online distribution and royalty collections."

    Chris Yates (The Eighty 88s)

    (Member since May 2015)

  • "Dealing with an Australian based company that can still get my music out there internationally really suits me. Since working with Noisehive, the service has been great and the staff super friendly and helpful."

    Abi Tucker (The Falling Seeds)

    (Member since Jan 2015)

    Quick Answers From Queen Bee

    This page answers the most common questions our artists tend to ask. We've broken them down by category to make finding answers simple and easy.

    Don't see your question listed here? Give us a buzz on +61 (0) 394295965.


    How much will it cost to join Noisehive?

    A one-off set up fee of $250 AUD with no other charges or ongoing fees. You will receive 80% of net receipts from all sales and streaming revenue.

    What payment options do you accept?

    Credit card, Debit card, Paypal, Bank Transfer

    Can I join Noisehive as an independent label?

    Yes, Noisehive is a model catering to independent artists, bands and labels looking to release up to 5 audio releases per year


    How many releases am I allowed?

    You can have up to 5 releases per year (A release can be a Single, EP or Album).

    What happens if I have more that 5 releases a year?

    We can discuss further distribution options

    Can I set my own release date?

    Yes, please note: Friday is the global standard release day.

    Can I sell my own CDs?

    Yes, you can distribute your own physical products. Noisehive is a digital distributor only.

    Do I maintain copyright of my music?

    Yes, you maintain full copyright of your music and the master recording.

    What is an ISRC code and why do I need one?

    An International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is a unique code that is assigned to individual audio and video recordings. It is an easy way for digital stores and collection agencies, such as iTunes and APRA, to track digital media and ensure your recording is identified for royalty payments. You need one ISRC per recording. Noisehive can provide ISRC codes free of charge.

    What is a UPC barcode and why do I need one?

    A UPC (Universal Product Code or Barcode) is a unique code that identifies an entire digital product (Album, EP, Single). UPCs are used by retailers and online outlets to gather and track sales information for an entire product. You need one UPC per release. Noisehive can provide barcodes free of charge.

    Platforms & Territories

    Which stores do you deliver to?

    We deliver to 300+ online stores and streaming platforms worldwide. The major platforms being Apple & iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Beatport, Amazon, Rdio, JBHiFi, Sony and Juno.

    What territories do you distribute to?

    We distribute worldwide and can cater to specific territory requirements. Any territory restrictions can be detailed when setting up a release.

    Can I have my music available on my own website?

    We won’t restrict you from making your music available on your own website, but note that it may affect sales on other platforms. Rather than displaying full tracks, we recommend a preview of under 2 minutes & providing relevant store links which we can supply.

    Royalty Payments

    How frequently can I expect income statements?

    Statements will be available quarterly within your Noisehive profile.

    Can I monetise my releases on YouTube?

    You can upload your own content to Youtube and choose to allow Noisehive to monetise your channel and releases on your behalf

    Does ‘public performance’ mean you collect my live performance income?

    No, you still collect your own live performance income. We collect royalties on your behalf from the public performance of your master recording - This means plays of your music on radio, TV, in stores or by DJs in clubs and public spaces.


    Noisehive Profile Cover Image - what size is best to use and what formats are accepted?

    The maximum size is 1500px(w) x 500px(h). We accept jpg, gif and png files.

    Noisehive Profile Image - what size is best to use and what formats are accepted?

    The maximum size is 400px(w) x 400px(h). We accept jpg, gif and png files.

    Release Artwork - what size is best to use and what formats are accepted?

    The minimum size, as stipulated by iTunes, is 3000px(w) x 3000px(h). We accept jpg and png files.

    Audio Files - What quality and formats are accepted?

    Audio files must be delivered in WAV format at 16 bit (sample size) and 44.1kHz (sample rate). This is CD quality and the standard across most stores and platforms.